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Naguleswaram Kovil & Keerimalai Springs

The Naguleswaram Kovil of Keerimalai is a highly revered, historically significant Hindu temple that has been around for centuries and is devoted to the god Shiva. It is situated in the neighbourhood of Palaly, at the northernmost point of the peninsula. Many travellers can take a relaxing rest at the Keerimalai Springs, a nearby water tank. Since the water is forced through the cracks in the carbonated rocks, it picks up chemical characteristics that are beneficial to our health

  • Distance from the Hotel – 18 km
  • Time – 28 min

Nallur Kovil

The Kandaswamy Kovil is a historic place of worship for the Tamil god Murugan and is located in Nallur, the former capital of the old Jaffna Kingdom. It is among the most famous and highly regarded Murugan temples in the entire globe.

Every August, the longest festival on the island is held at this revered temple. This 27-day event is jam-packed with colourful chariot processions, drumming, dancing, and self-mortification. For the Saivite residents of Jaffna and Jaffna expats, it is a significant celebration. It brings thousands of visitors to Jaffna each year from Sri Lanka and other countries. Both believers of Murugan and those looking to enjoy a vibrant cultural event should not miss this festival.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 1.8 km
  • Time – 10 min

Dambakola Patuna

Jaffna is home to the historic harbour of Dambakola Patuna, which dates back to the early years of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Theri Sanghamitta, a Buddhist monk and the daughter of Indian Emperor Ashoka brought the sacred fig sapling from the Sri Maha Bodhi in India to Dambakola Patuna and in the third century BCE, Dambakolapatuna Vihara was built in memory of this occasion.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 22 km
  • Time – 38 min

Delft Island

Delft Island, also called Neduntheevu, is a flat island between the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the northern coast of Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by shallow sea and has lovely beaches. Delft Island will provide you with a lovely sightseeing experience because of its unaltered rural and secluded nature. The colony of wild ponies that the Portuguese left behind on the island are what makes the island famous. Delft Island is one of the top tourist locations in Sri Lanka which offers an isolated but comfortable rural experience.

The island is ideal for experiencing what distant village life on a remote island would look like because of its shallow waters and wonderful beaches. A mature African Baobab tree, thought to be 700 years old, can also be seen on the island. Its trunk features a significant hollow that provides room for a small group of individuals.

  • Time – 2 hrs 30 min


A little town called Kayts is located on Velanai Island. A thrilling drive across the Pannai Causeway is required to reach the remote village. The Jaffna Peninsula and Velanai Island
are connected by the Pannai Causeway. You will undoubtedly be in awe of the causeway’s natural splendour and the picturesque view of the shimmering Palk Strait after a spectacular journey across it. A variety of migrating and resident shorebirds can be found, which is great
for nature lovers.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 17 km
  • Time – 24 min

Jaffna Fort

The renowned Jaffna Fort, an amazing work of Portuguese architecture constructed between 1618 and 1625, is located close to the coastal settlement of Gurunagar. Due to the numerous modifications, the Dutch made to the original Portuguese design, including the addition of defensive triangles that resembled snowflakes, the fort is regarded as one of the greatest Dutch forts in Asia. The stunning fort is situated within a pentagon, which is further enclosed by a moat. The fort’s walls, which were built with a combination of mortar, brick, stone, and coral, are largely concealed by grassy slopes now.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 4 km
  • Time – 9 min

Kandarodai Ruins

The Kandarodai Ruins are the remnants of stupa-like buildings that span across a small hamlet in Kandoradai and are significant both archaeologically and historically. There are currently 20 stupas, and Kandarodai is home to additional stupa foundations. The smallest stupa has a diameter of roughly 8 feet, while the tallest one is about 23.5 feet. The stupas have distinctive characteristics that are exclusive to Sri Lanka. They have a really distinctive pattern with tiny holes all over them and are made of grey coral stone.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 11 km
  • Time – 21 min

Casuarina Beach

The Jaffna Peninsula is home to several outstanding beaches. Casuarina Beach, one of Jaffna’s most spectacular beaches, is situated on the island of Karaitivu, which is about 15 kilometres northwest of Jaffna. The mature casuarina trees that line the beach’s shores are how it received its name. The defining features of this captivating beach are the casuarina trees, white sand, and shallow seas. When in the North, do not miss a peaceful stroll down the beach lined with casuarinas as the waves lazily lap the coast.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 24 km
  • Time – 42min

Kankesanthurai Beach

Since classical antiquity, pilgrims have used the port suburb of Kankesanthurai, which bears the name Murugan, as a point of arrival and departure. This beach is praised for being one of the top two beaches in the Northern Province and is regarded as one of the most secure beaches in the area. The Kankesanthurai Lighthouse and the village’s fishery at the harbour can both be seen from the beach. This beach is the ideal place to relax and calm down after walking throughout the city under the scorching sun.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 17 km
  • Time – 27 min


The original capital of the Rajarata kingdom of Sri Lanka was located in the historic city of Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura, a World Heritage Site, is well known for the surviving remnants of the former Sinhala kingdom. Three large artificial lakes encircle it, and the river Malwathu Oya that runs through it defines two of its directions. It is a picturesque, serene, and surreal experience.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 198km
  • Time – 3 hrs 20 min

Jaffna Archaeological Museum

The Jaffna Archaeological Museum is located in Nallur and was founded in 1978. It preserves and displays regional antiquities, showcasing their historical, cultural, and artistic worth. The museum’s collection includes a large number of artifacts that local collectors have donated. The museum houses a collection of coins from various historical periods, as well as some artifacts discovered during Kandarodai’s archaeological dig.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 3.3 km
  • Time – 10 min


Off the coast of the Jaffna Peninsula, on the renowned island of Nainativu, there are two historic places of worship: a Hindu temple and a Buddhist shrine. A Hindu temple honouring Parvati is called Nagapooshani Amman Temple. Tamil literature has made reference to the temple, which is adored by the Tamil people. One of Sri Lanka’s most revered Buddhist shrines is the historic Nagadeepa Purana Vihara. The island is referred to as Manipallavam in Manimekalai, one of the five greatest epics in ancient Tamil literature. Folklore claims that the island was once home to the Naga People, a Dravidian tribe that worshipped snakes.
In order to get to Nainativu, travellers must first cross two islands to get to the Kurikkaduwan Jetty. From there, they will board a crowded 15-minute ferry.

  • Distance from the Hotel – 39 km
  • Time –1 hrs 30 min

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