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Thinnai Farms is supported by the proud cultural heritage of Jaffna and embody the values of sustainability to allow a greener future for the people. Our services in Organic Farming, Organic Food Retail, and Research via the Thinnai Research Station amalgamate the very best of living in harmony with the environment. Thinnai Farm Stay and the Active Entertainment Center are pioneering a new way of travel and leisure for the eco-friendly traveller.

Thinnai Farm Stay is the region’s pioneer agritourism hotel, guests are able to indulge in an authentic ecotourism experience while enjoying several farm related activities during the day followed by the quiet peace of the farm at night. Thinnai Farm Stay is sprawled across ten acres and offers several options for accommodation. These include one two-bedroom farmhouse, a farm room and 6 glamping tents. Our guests are also able to enjoy an adventurous experience at the Active Entertainment Center which offers various activities like zip lining, wall climbing, rifle shooting and many more.

Thinnai Organics and Thinnai Foods are fully focused on providing high-quality organic products to our consumers to increase their health standards. Thinnai Organics specializes in producing a variety of fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables, organic chicken and farm fresh eggs. At Thinnai Food, our talented craftsmen use nature’s provisions to bring you delicious packaged food which includes breakfast cereals, sauces, pickles and chutneys.

The Northern province of Sri Lanka is a gold mine for conducting various research related to natural and social sciences. Thinnai Research Station facilitates foreign students to engage in research connected with Agriculture, Farming, and Animal Rearing at our facility.


Jaffna, the capital of the northern region, is situated at the northernmost point of Sri Lanka. Kandarodai, an emporium on the Jaffna peninsula since classical antiquity, is located about six miles (9.7 kilometres) from Jaffna. Jaffna Lagoon to the west and south, Kokkuvil and Thirunelveli to the north, and Nallur to the east surround it.

For four centuries, the Jaffna Kingdom’s medieval capital was located in Nallur, a Jaffna suburb. Yalpanam, formerly known as Yalpanapattinam, is the name of Jaffna in Tamil. The location is identified as Yalpaanayanpaddinam in a Vijayanagara Empire inscription from the fifteenth century.

Due to its predominately Tamil population, Jaffna is recognised as Sri Lanka’s cultural hub for Tamils. Any visitor to this location will be impressed by the locals’ warmth. It is a genuine hidden treasure full of stunning Hindu temples, intriguing colonial architecture, vivid street art, and friendly, welcoming people.


Using either public or private transportation, it is simple to reach The Thinnai Hotel from any of the following cities or locations:

  • 400 km – Colombo
  • 372  km – Bandaranaike International Airport
  • 317  km – Kandy
  • 300 km – Kurunegala
  • 430 km – Nuwara Eliya
  • 360 km – Batticaloa
  • 235 km – Trincomalee

You may Contact Us for directions and any other assistance. 


Jaffna is located 5 meters above sea level. It has a tropical savanna environment with two seasons: a dry season from February to August and a wet season from September to January.

Jaffna experiences an average yearly temperature of 83 °F (28 °C). The hottest months are April to May and August to September, while the coldest months are December to January. In the western part of the Jaffna peninsula, there is an average annual rainfall of 50 inches.

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